Quick Home Buyers Guide



Where do you start when you’re ready to buy a home? Here’s an overview of the home buying process.


Get Pre-approved for a home loan through a mortgage broker

As a buyer, it doesn’t cost you anything to work with a mortgage broker, or a real estate agent. It’s very empowering to find out exactly how much you can borrow to purchase your home, or equally so, a practical pathway to get there.

Tour Homes

We’ll have a thorough conversation about the exact criteria you’d like in a home, including size, location and type of house, and work within your budget to get you as close as possible to your ideal. You will get automated daily emails on new properties as they hit the market. You tell us if there is one you’d like to see, and we will immediately schedule a time to do a walk through.

Make an Offer

You find a home that you’d like to make an offer on, we submit the offer with your earnest money. You make offers until you have one accepted. It’s unpredictable how many offers you may need to make; it could happen on the first one or the tenth.

Offer Accepted

Congratulations! Your offer is accepted!... But wait, there are a few important steps to go.

Inspection Period

We go straight into a typical ten day inspection period where the property is thoroughly looked over by a licensed professional inspector. We have negotiations with the seller on repairs and you decide if you want to pull out or go forward.


The appraisal is ordered by the lender to determine the exact valuation of the property. You can typically only get the loan for the appraisal amount, so if the numbers aren’t matching up, we go back into negotiations with the seller and you have the option of pulling out or going forward.

HOME BUYER Resources

Here are some links with great resources offered by the Homeownership Opportunities Website Northwest, HowNW.com, an educational resource for homebuyers.

HOWNW.com™ is a free consumer resource committed to offering information without obligation. Find resources for becoming a homeowner, applying for loans, working with a Realtor®, a real estate glossary, and more.

HOWNW.com™ was created to make buyers aware of home purchase programs. Many of these programs are available to individuals or households whose income is below a certain amount.

There are many types of homebuyer seminars. While they all serve various needs only those that meet the educational requirements, when homebuyer education is required to use a specific program, are listed on this site.

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