HOMB from Skylab Architecture

Portland is home to some of the most innovative residential and commercial architects in the country with notable firms like Holst Architecture, Works Progress Architecture, and Skylab Architecture, just to name a few. Skylab has entered into the prefab home space with a sleek residential design project called HOMB.

I had originally discovered HOMB online several years back as the country was climbing out of the economic crash of 2009. I was immediately captivated by the minimal angular designs and modular vision that enabled numerous incarnations based on their root design concept. At the time it seemed to be just a proposed plan, but I didn’t see any builds happening. Over time I’d wondered weather the project had survived the economic landscape. Recently I revisited the HOMB site and was pleasantly surprised to see that numerous projects are in various stages of completion across the country. Including a residential project that is nestled in a NE Portland street between a row of classic Craftsman homes. Here are a few images of HOMB and a short video of the construction process by Method Homes. 

- Jacob

"Skylab Architecture: Homb" Video by AV Department, Inc.

J Pander