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Sophie and Jacob Pander

Our Story…

Sophie and Jacob Pander are a husband and wife real estate team working in Portland Oregon. They met as kids growing up in the art culture of Portland and have explored every corner of the growing city over the years. In working with you, their main goal is to focus on your needs and priorities to tailor a real estate strategy with the highest possible outcome of success. Along with being skilled real estate agents, they also have a diverse range of knowledge and experience to help both buyers and sellers achieve the ideal result.  

Sophie has a deep esthetic understanding informed through her art school training, and many years in the esthetic beauty industry. She has a passion for putting color and shape together to create harmonious environments. While viewing potential homes, she can help you envision the home through design choices, or with selling a property, guide you to maximizing it’s selling potential.  

Jacob is a television producer and award-winning filmmaker who is highly skilled in marketing and media production. He expertly utilizes state of the art tools to tell the story of your home; highlighting its greatest potential, positioning it to sell for the highest and best price. With his skilled work in media communication, he brings a strong, yet calm professional advocating voice to even the toughest transactions, helping you to get what you really want.